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Privacy Phones (CalyxOS)

Preparing the Host Computer

In this lesson, we will make sure our Windows machine is ready to recognize our Pixel phone. First we will install its drivers, and then download the installer as well as the CalyxOS image.

These are the steps we will complete during this lesson:

1. Download Google USB Driver.

2. Connect the phone to the computer in Fastboot mode.

3. Install the Pixel driver. Find your device in Device Manager and update its drivers by selecting the ones we downloaded.

4. Download device-flasher.exe

5. Download CalyxOS image. Save it in the same location you saved device-flasher.exe. As mentioned in pre-requisites, double make sure that you have selected your exact device model of your phone from https://calyxos.org/install/

Once this has been completed, proceed to the next lesson.

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