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Privacy Phones (CalyxOS)

Installing CalyxOS

In this lesson, we will run the executable file that will flash our Pixel device. If you have done the previous lessons correct, this should be the easiest step.

1. Connect your Pixel phone to your computer, using the USB cable.

2. Run device-flasher.exe on your computer. Double click on it, this will open a Terminal window that will show the progress of the installation.

NOTE: Your anti-virus might flag device-flasher.exe as infected. This is because of the language used in the “script” which is Go programming. If this happens, make sure you add it to your Anti-virus software Exclusions list to ignore it.

3. Unlock bootloader. Using the volume keys and power button, select Unlock Bootloader. This step is necessary as the bootloader is LOCKED by default to prevent malicious software to install Operating Systems in your phone.

4. Continue device-flasher.exe process. Go back to the device-flasher.exe Window and press ENTER to continue.

5. Watch the installation. Sit down while your phone gets restarted several times while CalyxOS is installed.

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