Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. Why is using MySudo better than just providing a fake telephone number or using a Google Voice number?


MySudo grants the ability to actually use a working phone number that is protected through a layer of privacy, security, and encryption and is not directly associated with Big Tech or a large telecom provider.  If you simply provide a fake number, there’s no way for someone to get ahold of you through that means, which depending on your goals, may work just fine.  For example, giving a non-existent phone number to a salesperson that you don’t really want to have calling you.

If that’s not your goal, however, and you wish to have a way to make calls that protects your privacy and your existing number, MySudo provides that solution, with end-to-end encrypted calling.  This way your phone number is kept private, but you can still provide a working number for someone to call you on.

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