Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. Why aren’t “normal” privacy measures enough for a person who becomes a target? What is the difference between these privacy measures and the specialized help from top level security and privacy experts?


The playing field is constantly shifting, and as technology advances, so do the attacks. Unlike the average user, security experts dedicate their entire careers towards researching, documenting, and predicting new threats and trends. Once new threats are discovered, it is our obligation to mitigate and reduce the negative impacts a user might experience if they fall victim. In other words…. We do the research so that you don’t have to!

Another point I would like to make is that cyber criminals are typically well rounded in regards to their technical knowledge and ability. Because of this, they often know how to circumvent “normal” security measures. In fact, criminals tend to target those who lack security awareness because they can fly under the radar.

Think about your home for example. The most common standard security measure for home protection is a door lock, yet home invasions continue to occur despite this standard being widely adopted. This is why Home Security companies exist. They provide you with (home) security solutions so that you are protected past the point of basic security. The same concept applies to cyber and personal security. Much like a security camera, using multi-factor authentication on your accounts also serves its purpose as a deterrent. If a hacker stumbles across an account with a second form of authentication, they will often back off and move on to a user who ISN’T secured.

If you think you are being targeted specifically, you will have to take as many security measures as possible. It would take an evaluation to determine what all needs to be done, but it should be taken seriously. Most of the time, the basic levels of protection (VPN, password managers, and proper privacy settings) deters you from most random malicious attacks. If you are being targeted personally, these will not necessarily provide enough protection. If you think you are being targeted and need help evaluating next steps, we recommend you schedule a One-on-One consult to assess your situation.

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