Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. When I connect the cable from my computer to the modem or router, does that mean I am not using Wi-Fi? Or do I have to make changes?


Yes, connecting an ethernet cable directly to your computer means you’re not using Wi-Fi.  This is typically handled automatically by your operating system.  One thing to note regarding Wi-Fi, and that is that selecting the option on your computer or mobile device to automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks has an impact on your privacy, as your device actively attempts to connect to Wi-Fi networks wherever you go.  This makes your device’s physical location trackable, and as your device is already likely identifiable in some fashion and linked to your identity, makes your physical location and accumulated location history trackable.  Many governments, Big Tech, and other data aggregators actively use Wi-Fi to track you, including in seemingly innocuous locations such as public buildings, department stores, and retailers.
With that being said, the best way to ensure privacy is to make sure the WiFi settings are turned off on your computer.

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