Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. Is it safe to have the Moneywise App on my tablet? I will be going on vacation for two weeks, starting on Tuesday. I don’t plan to take my laptop computer; just my tablet. I was hoping I could use my tablet to keep track of my finances and also for some transactions, such as booking a motel.


This is a good question. I personally do not have any sensitive apps on my phone. I don’t have my password manager, any banking apps, or any money management apps on my phone or tablet. Your phone or tablet is not as secure as your computer, and it can be lost easily. Plus, apps on your phone are actually quite invasive, and many can be trojan horses that contain malware. Instead, I do all sensitive activities on my computer, and I make sure to use a VPN (explained later) and other steps to protect myself.
Regarding your point about wanting to travel with your tablet, I recommend that you make sure it’s locked down tight…

  1. Back up your tablet before you leave.
  2. Your tablet must require a passcode or face id to access it and have it set to erase all data after 10 incorrect tries of your passcode (on iPad or iPhone this can be found in settings > face ID & passcode > Erase data). Some Androids have this feature as well.
  3. Turn on “Find my Phone” (iPhone) so you can remotely erase all data on the phone if your phone is stolen.
  4. If you have sensitive apps loaded, use a different passcode for each, and not the passcode that you use to unlock the phone.
  5. Also, and this is very important, use a trusted VPN (use this one or this one) and have it turned on all the time.
  6. Use only your cellular connection when you can, but if you need to turn on WIFI, turn it off when you are not using it (in settings).
  7. Also turn Bluetooth off when you’re not using it.
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