Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. I am looking to get away from Google on my Android Phone. I don’t want Apple either. Which option do you recommend?


95% of all phones on the planet are either Android (made by Google) or iPhones (made by Apple). We absolutely know that Google is evil and that the Android operating system is designed to steal all of your data. Apple has pretended to be the good guy by promoting themselves as the “private” alternative. But this is not really true. The fact is, the iPhone is a closed operating system, which means that we have absolutely no idea what information the iPhone is taking from us. But we do know that Edward Snowden revealed ten years ago that the NSA could turn on any function of our iPhone at any time without our knowledge. We also know that many apps on your iPhone can record your screen at any time without your knowledge.
So what is the solution? Believe it or not, the solution comes from Google. The Android operating system is open source, which means that anyone can look at the operating system, copy it, modify it and turn it into the solution that we actually want. In other words, we can de-Google the Android operating system and make it very privacy oriented.
I recommend the solution created by Calyx. We have been doing many tests on Calyx, and I have been using one as my primary phone for many months.
I will say that this is not necessarily an easy switch, and it’s not for everyone. I love my Calyx phone, but my wife does not. We have a special report on how to move to a Calyx phone in our course.

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