Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)


Our recommendations are based on just the privacy focused features of the products/services we suggest, any other option or setting is for you to decide and we don’t provide recommendations for all of them.

Please start familiarizing yourself with Privacy Policies and/or Privacy Terms and conditions of the apps and services you are evaluating or using.

Always look for Information we collect from you, How we use your information, How we share your information, use of cookies, other tracking technologies, etc. And look for the non-privacy “flags” like:

  • To tailor the content
  • Marketing and promotional purposes
  • We may share your information
  • 3rd party cookies
  • Trackers
  • We disclose the information we collect from you to vendors, contractors…

If you find any of these terms, stay away from that product, no product should ever be tracking your information or sharing your information for any purpose.

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