Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. How is Anonaddy better than just using my Protonmail and unsubscribing when I am done with the service that I signed up for?


In theory it sounds like a good idea to hit “unsubscribe” once you’re done using a service, right? Although it may seem convenient, there are a few concerns associated with unsubscribing. For example, clicking these “unsubscribe” links may only make email spam worse because this action tells the service provider that your email account is active. Active email addresses are a hot commodity in the advertisement industry, so companies are willing to pay big money for a list of active email addresses that can be used to solicit and target ads. The same could also be said about cyber criminals and scammers wishing to lure you into their phishing email campaigns.

Now where does Anonaddy come into play in all of this? With Protonmail, if someone sends you an email, it will go straight into your inbox and the sender will have your personal email address. With Anonaddy, if someone sends spam emails to your alias, you can simply toggle a deactivation switch on the dashboard to completely shut down that alias. This ultimately stops the spam email from ever reaching your primary inbox in Protonmail, and you won’t have to worry about hearing from them again. Once an alias is deleted, any email sent to the alias will be rejected, and Anonaddy will respond to the sender with an error. Their system will then discard any future emails sent to the alias and you won’t be forwarded anything else.

Anonaddy simply just gives you an extra layer of identity protection, because you will never be required to hand out your permanent and personal email address ever again!

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