Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. Why does Safari not show up as an option when importing bookmarks in Brave?


This is due to Apple changing things to make it a bit less convenient for you to change your browser. As of macOS Mojave update 10.14.4, in order to import browser data from Safari, you must give Brave full disk access permissions from your device system settings. Apple implemented this security measure to limit apps’ access to data from system apps.

To grant Brave full disk access:

  1. On your macOS device, open System Preferences
  2. Navigate to Privacy –> Full Disk Access
  3. Click the lock icon to make changes and enter your system password
  4. Once authenticated, click Add then Applications –> Brave Browser, then click Open

You should now see Brave displayed in the list of Applications with full disk access. From here, you can now use the steps in the section above to import Safari data into Brave.

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