Frequntly Asked Quetion (FAQ)

Q. I have a CCTV system at home. Are they safe? Should we trust any of the Security companies that install cameras for home video surveillance?


We always recommend you skim through the privacy policies of any service you are considering hiring or sign up for. Look out for things like 3rd parties, but when it comes to invasive hardware, this is a must, and you should read the small letter. Remember these companies will have access to your cameras 24/7.

As an alternative, you can create your own CCTV system by buying a kit.

Get a CCTV kit. They normally come with their own NVR (Network Video Recorder) or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) system to connect them, NVR is preferred.

If you don’t need to access the system from the internet, you are all set.

But if you need to access this system from the internet, then you’d need an extra piece of hardware that can allow you to control and manage your CCTV system as well as its recordings.

What you need is a NAS (Network Attached Storage). And the ones we recommend are the following:

  • SynologyNAS (Network Attached Storage) servers are not only a great backup tool, but they also include a VideoStation application that allows you to connect multiple cameras, which can also be accessed through the Internet by an encrypted protocol. They are easy to use with a great graphical interface and don’t require a lot of technical expertise. I personally have one of these at home that I also use for backups.
  • Some of the competitors are: Asustor(Personal to Home or Home to Power User products) and Qnap.

But please, remember that even if you take all the above security measures, any Wi-Fi device has the potential to be hacked if not updated and managed properly, so…

  • Cable connections are always preferred to WiFi connections.
  • Disable the camera’s WiFi if you have a cable connected to it.
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